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The Land of Uncertainty

Accessible Comic Book, 2023 

Publisher: Good Comics 
Editor: Paddy Johnston
Release Date: July 2023
Pages: 40 pages
Format: 14.85 x 21 cm

Written & Drawn by Hatiye Garip
Book text narrated by Áine Kelly-Costello
Descriptions narrated by Paddy Johnston
Field recordings captured by Hatiye Garip
Audio version produced by Paddy Johnston

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A close-up of the front cover of the tactile comic book. A bird flies across the other panels, and the title of the book can be seen below the panels.

A full spread from the book with many panels containing various objects such as a watering can, flowers, a flower pot, fences and a chair.

A page from the book showing a landscape of mountains and hills under a cloudy sky is with two buildings below, one rectangular and one cylindrical. This is the same image that is used on the front cover of the book.

A photograph showing movement as the page is turned, and a close-up of one of the right-hand pages. Panels with small details and a bird holding a flower in its beak stand out.

A road and woodland stand out on the first panel, which has a lilac background. Yellow and orange bushes grow under a yellow sky. This panel invites the reader to explore nature.

A white bird with a yellow beak holds an orange flower in its mouth as though it wants to present it to the reader in the lower left corner of the last page of the book.

Photographed by Hatiye Garip