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The Land of Uncertainty

Accessible Comic Book, 2023 

Publisher: Good Comics 
Editor: Paddy Johnston
Release Date: July 2023
Pages: 40 pages
Format: 14.85 x 21 cm

Written & Drawn by Hatiye Garip
Book text narrated by Áine Kelly-Costello
Descriptions narrated by Paddy Johnston
Field recordings captured by Hatiye Garip
Audio version produced by Paddy Johnston

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A close-up of the front cover of the tactile comic book. A bird flies across the other panels, and the title of the book can be seen below the panels.

A full spread from the book with many panels containing various objects such as a watering can, flowers, a flower pot, fences and a chair.

A photograph showing movement as the page is turned, and a close-up of one of the right-hand pages. Panels with small details and a bird holding a flower in its beak stand out.

A road and woodland stand out on the first panel, which has a lilac background. Yellow and orange bushes grow under a yellow sky. This panel invites the reader to explore nature.

Photographed by Hatiye Garip